Items That Can Be Recycled


Most people have a tendency of throwing everything in their trash when they are doing their spring cleaning. However, there are some of the household items which are not recyclable since they are considered to be hazardous to the environment. You should thoroughly peruse the various items when doing the cleaning process to determine if there some which can be recycled. This article is going to discuss on some of the items which can be recycled. These items include the following:


These include the alkaline batteries often used in the children’s toys. These batteries can be removed and tossed in your trash easily. Most people have a
tendency of throwing them into the trash without even realizing.

However, you need to be extremely careful since there are some batteries which contain chemicals and metals which are harmful to your environment. Additionally, batteries are reused in making new metals and batteries. It is, therefore, wise to make sure that they are recycled. Rechargeable batteries can also be recycled. These include the old cameras, phones, electronics and other power tools batteries. You can find some drop-of locations at the popular retailers.


These include both the electronic and kitchen appliances. Some of them might contain toxic chemicals. Recycling them help in keeping the harmful chemicals such as lead, arsenic, and mercury from harming your environment. Re-using of these materials helps in creating new materials.

Some of the kitchen appliances including the washers, stoves, dryers and refrigerators are very bulky and large, and they occupy a lot of space. There are some junkyards who might even take them for free.
Electronic appliances like the printers and computers are usually recycled at the office supply stores. The small appliances such as tablets and cell phones are even recycled for free.

Hazardous substances

Items under this category are mainly found in the sheds and garages. They include gas, paint, pesticides and motor oil. These materials should not be thrown away because they are very toxic. You should contact local automotive part retailers or hardware stores to find out whether they can offer the recycling services.

Fluorescent light bulbs

These bulbs are known for their light bulbsenergy efficiency. However, they contain some traces of mercury. This chemical can be released into the air or ground when they are broken, and they are therefore not safe for the environment.

Plastic bags

These bags do not decompose easily. You should not throw them away. They contain a high percentage of petroleum which is not biodegradable or renewable.

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